is the transceiver of the portable radio set SCR-288, built around 1940 for the US Signal Corps. It is called "portable" because it could be carried by two persons. To operate it, it must be put down and erected, and powered by a hand crank.
There are no alternative power sources; it could not be used as a mobile station.

The radio set consists of:
Transceiver BC-474-A with accessories
(carrying bag, four legs, 2 headsets, wire antenna, morse key and mikrophone).
The second part of the radio set is the
Generator GN-44-A with accessories
(carrying bag, filter FL-10, bag for accessories with: 2 legs, 1 leg with seat, antenna post, crank for the generator, counterpoise).

The transceiver BC-474-A
has a welded aluminium housing. Set up for operation with the four removable legs, the opened lid is used as a shelf for writing or for the use of the morse key. (for pictures see the handbook).
The battery for the receiver is situated in a compartment of the receiver housing below the transmitter-chassis.
The filter FL-10 , also in this compartment, allows the operation of the receiver using the hand generator.

Connections for the antenna and counterpoise are very close to each other. The handbook states that
" 300 volts are not usually regarded as dangerous to human life..."

Because of its low weight and simple operation, the SCR288 was used in many countries.
It was used for a long time afterwards as training radio, even after its replacement
SCR-694 (with transceiver BC-1306) was introduced.

The Technical Manual TM 11-250 can be downloaded here. Attention, the filesize is 8,3 mb.
DOWNLOAD SCR-288 - handbook as .pdf- file
Frequency range:
Transmitter 3.5 .. 6.3 MHz
Receiver 2.3 .. 6.5 MHz

Technical data:
HF output:
6 W
CW: 15 miles
AM: 8 miles
Receiver: 4 : 1N5-GT, 1A7-GT, 1D8-GT, 3A8-GT
Transmitter: 3 : all 6V6
Power needed for the transmitter:
6.6 V Dc / 2,5 A (measured) and 290 V DC / 100 mA
Power needed for the receiver:
1.5 V Dc / 1.65 A and 90 .. 240 V DC
Weight SCR-288 with accessories:
abt. 17 kgs
Weight generator GN-44-A with accessories:
abt. 15 kgs

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